Dear udemy instructors. I’m also an instructor and I know most of the instructors have more profession to teach students. But most of the time you have trouble to decide which profession is good to make profit on udemy. We spend a lot of time and after that We don’t want any surprise with 0 sale. 

On the other hand when we are promoting our courses, we want to learn about our competitiors also. Because we are  not only instructors, but also, marketers as well. 

Udemy has ability to show insight guess in instructor tools panel. But that is not enough for me and I decide to develop a tool for both me and the other instructors.

I introduce udemy instructor tools.

Chrome Extention

In order to download chrome extention you should visit that link and can download from chrome marketplace.


? : Help

P: Patreon Support

U: Udemy Web Site

F: Your Follow List

C: Contact


Add to List: You can follow course detailed statistics with that.


After you open any of the course listing page you can click Udemy Instructor Tools chrome extention button and then click Add to List button.

After that happen you can follow your course information with (f) button.

Step by Step explanation is bellow.


You can only see your follow list by supporting 5$ and over pledge on patreon. By doing this you can also have ability to read patreon only articles on


1- Patreon Pledge

After click p button you will redirect to the patreon page.

Fill your information or just login with facebook or google account. If you have already patreon account click login button upper-right corner.

You can select any of the pledge but if you want to access udemy instructor tools you should select 5$ and over pledge. If you select 100$ you can access my all course with free udemy codes. Day by day I update my courses and I add more innovative course.

After you set yourself as a patreon for me than you can click udemy instructor tools chrome extention button and select (f) button in order to see your follow list. 

Right now any time you can click that button you can access your follow list.


Course Add to Follow List

When you can visit any of the course page you can just simply click add to list button on udemy instructor tools chrome extention.


Right now you will be redirect to your course statistic page. But You start following right now you will have no information yet. Day by day you can follow that course statistics in a plot chart and pie graph.



After few course you can see your follow courses like that.

Just put the ( f ) button.

In this table you can click title of the course and visit course page.

You can see course id bellow the course title. 

You can see total stutent number of that course and daily average stutents over the green Menu.

The last two column you can monitor minimum and maximum earn of that course. 

There are two different number for both minimum and maximum price. First of all is (if no any coupon or free publish course) minimum and maximum total earn. 

The secound is minimum and maximum daily average earn.

If that course has no paid stutents after tracking started you cannot see any earn.

If you need more details about course you can click green menu button and click show more button.


Then you can see more statistics about that course in plot and pie chart graph.


For paid course you can track price change and daily students subscribes. 

For free course you cannot see any price bars. You can only see daily students subscribes.

If any course turn from paid to free or free to paid you can track all of them in the same plot and pie chart graphs like above.

If students refund courses you can also monitor that like above.

And lastly if you want to delete course statistics and graphs you can click green menu button and click delete button. After that system asks confirmation. If you select yes that course will be deleted and you will not see again. If you want to track again all statistics start from zero.