Difference between

Affiliate Marketing and Network marketing

Clickbank is an affiliate marketing business model. I see that some people have misunderstanding and they think that clickbank affiliate marketing is a network marketing system. But in the reality there is no any connection between affiliate marketing and network marketing or ponzi systems except marketing terms.

Let’s go through the topic and see the differences.

First of all, Network marketing has a powerful potention to develop. But some people use that system in oder to share their illegal and harm full ideas. Charles Ponzi is the first example of that. Because of that, similar systems are called ponzi. They use the network marketing and change to deceive people. In ponzi systems last man on the system always support the systems itself and his referece. So people who want to join ponzi systems have to give money.  This is not the fault of network marketing system but the first difference is that. On the other hand affiliate marketing has no entance like that.

Secondly, network marketing system are using chain reaction tree based system. This is the most powerful feature of network marketing and because of that it spread instantly. But What does it mean chain reaction tree based system? One people who is the first chain of the system share product or idea at lease 3 people. so every 3 people share the same product or idea at lease 3 people. The population of two level collect 13 people. If we go throught to 3rd level the population will be 40. So as you can see this is spreading and growing more faster than other marketing models. Every people who create their sub team can advantage of their team members commission. So if you are to top level of that system you can make money without working. On the other hand affiliate marketing is no system like that. It only has one level of reference system.

Consequently network marketing systems growing so fast because of that most of the scam and ponzi systems use it to share their harmful activities.  On the other hand affiliate marketing has no potential like that. But this is also a good feature because you can make it your business clean.

Affiliate marketing is a kind of promotion aggrement such as influencers made and share products on youtube or instagram.

Affiliate Marketing and Dropshipping

Take a look at the difference between affiliate marketing and dropshipping because it is so close each other.

Dropshipping is a business model and in this model you dont have any inventory. There is no need to stock inventory to sell product. This looks weird but this is based idea of dropshipping.

Selling product without inventory runs like that.

Before you are buying product you are selling. After you sold the product you buy from your supplier and your supplier will send this product to your buyer with your price.

As you see that is easy but it contains some risks.

On the other hand affiliate marketing has some differences.

In affiliate marketing you are reviewing or suggesting a product, after your friends or followers who like your reference buy that product from your supplier. So you are not involving anything.

After sales you are going to take your commissing without getting any risk or inventory.

While you can start affiliate marketing with zero budget,  you cannot start dropshipping with zero budget.

Affiliate marketing is a passive income source. There is some details but if you ask me to explain in a simple way listen to this. When you share a product on social media it will stay there permenantly. If someone interested what you write there and buy product you will get your commission. And also some product have potential to subscribe or upsell    downsell feature.

–If someone buy a subcribe any of your products which is found on clicbank you are going to get commission every month. 

– By upsell downsell feature you will refer one product but your suppier will sell more than one product you have chance to get commission more.

There is more feature like that and you can develop your system with adding more feaure on your business.


But Dropshipping has no feature like that. İf you want to make your dropshipping business passive income sourse you can either work with virtual assitant or make yourself from scratch.

Risk Free Course

In this lesson we only focus on clickbank affiliate marketing.

You have advantage of

  • Starting your business from zero
  • You have no risk
  • You don’t need any web site
  • You can earn passive income without working
  • You are going to see clickbank panel step by step so you don’t need any pre-knowledge
  • You are going to see product finding from statistics and trends
  • You will learn how to create traffic and manage them efficiently

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp Step by Step

When you buy course on udemy you have chance to refund witin 30 days.



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