Who Must Read This Article?

If you are an online marketer this topic is for you. Because you are going to learn how you can generate traffic and lead them to sale.

  • Online Shop Owners
  • Amazon and Other Market Sellers
  • Dropshipping (Shopify & Woocommerce)
  • Digital Marketers
  • Email Marketers
  • Social Marketers

What is Traffic Management?

Most of the people who want to sell online, set up their web site then upload all product which on sale with the hope of getting millioner. But the reality is different.  Setting web site is not enough to earn.  There is one important thing missing. 

So what is missing? 

Of course custommers. You should make everything to reach your right customers with right product. In order to establish successful business you first you should generate traffic then you need to filter them into different categories and lead them sales.  If any of them don’t but product you should make other marketing tools to turn this visitor into customer. In order to make more clear that process you should check some terms bellow.


Let’s get started with some terms about traffic. 


Visitors are the person who are spending time into your web site.


Customers are only visit your web site to buy stuff.


These people like your contents or products and eager to get news about them. Subscribers are the most important part of digital marketing. 

You can turn your visitors to customers if they subscribe to your pool.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing contains most of the techonogical systems and integrations. It is so wide area and cover social marketing and email marketing together.

Social Marketing

People are spending more time on social media. Because of that, they are targeted by social marketers. Social platforms is perfect place to collect information about people, because they share their habits, interests even montly income. 

Email Marketing

Subscribers into your pool is your fundamental part of your email marketing. When they subscribe to your contents they actually tell you that “I can buy if I like”. So you can start campains to your subscribers by using advanced marketing tools.

Funnel Marketing

Funnels are more advanced version of email marketing. When a marketer talk about funnel they actually talk about email marketing plus more features such as manage campains, categorize subscribers for start new sub campains. Funnels make most of the stuff automatically. Because of that it is powerful tool of a marketer.

  • Manage traffic
  • Establish Campain and Manage
  • Analyse Results
  • Advanced Integration

Upsell / Downsell

Upsell and downsell is a kind of habit of marketers and it turns your revenue nearly %30 more then without upsell and downsell. 

Simple explanation is offer your customer more product or if they don’t want to buy offer other products.

If you want to make more profit you should make that campains.

  • More Sale As you Expect

Free Traffic Source

If you want to see more visitors or customers in your web site or sales page you should consider SEO and social media. Let’s go into details of them.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

The only way to generate traffic to your content is SEO. Most of the big companies works with SEO experts. 

That means Search engine optimization.  All search engine such as google, bing, yandex, etc. record your web sites or content according to some rules. If you have knowledge about that you can be successfully generate traffic to your contents. 

Learning SEO and turn all your content into SEO suitable is not an easy job but there is some tools if you are using wordpress.

Yoast-SEO is advice you when you are creating contents. If Yoast-SEO open green light your content and focus keyword make your articles or product listings successful. 

Same thing happen if you are an amazon seller. Amazon has A9 algoritm to rank sellers. Successful amazon sellers look both A9 and SEO rules to make their product listings.


  • Most Important Generator
  • Get Directly from Search Engines
  • Experts can make your visitors to Customer
  • It takes time to create articles
  • Protect your advertise budget

Social Media

Other most important traffic generator. Especially facebook can generate more traffic then others. 

You can use software bots to control that traffic, and set up auto responders. 

If you want to setup passive income you can use that software bots as your virtual assistant. 

People have spend much of the time on social media. So if you want to be successful marketer you should setup your social media accounts, pages, groups etc especially directly connected with your products and category. 

  • Chat Bots


Facebook can generate more traffic than others. But you should consider before promoting which social media is suitable for advertise or not. Some of the product is especially make more traffic spesific social media tools. If you are selling education facebook is more good area because you can interact with other learners.


If you are selling cosmetic or woman clothes and accessories instagram and instagram like platforms are the best option. On the other hand it is so hard to sell electronic device on instagram. Some of the countries offer pay on the door. If your countries is like that you can turn your shop into instagram shop.


Pinterest comes later but it can generate more traffic as you think. Most of the marketers start advertising on pinterest also.

Paid Traffic Source

If you want to invest and get result more efficienty you need to advertise on social media or search engine platforms. If you are an amazon seller also you can advertise on amazon also. But in this topic we are going to share you general platforms.

Social Media Advertise

Most efective advertising campains carry out on social media.

Facebook Business

Facebook is powerful tools to get their users data. People feel free when they like and share contents. But behind the scene, facebook collect valuable data and sell them to marketers. 

Facebook Business is good place to get targeted audience. Because of that feature, marketers can find correct people. If they succesfuly correlate with right product to right customer, they lead more sales.

  • Targeted Audience
  • Combine Interests
  • Detailed Analysis
  • Pixel Data


Influencer marketing become more popular especially if you are launching a new product. It’s effect not long enough but you can instantly sell your products. Influencers can persuade people to buy or can change people habit.

Search Engines

Search engines show results according to your search keyword. Because of that, when you advertise on search engines you should set your advertise with keywords. Keywords can generate more targeted audience. 

  • Keyword Based


One of the search engine advertising platform is google adwords. You can join with your google account. Their platform show you some additional keyword suggestion. Additionally if you want to advertise on youtube you need to use adwords platform.

Bing Ads

Bing is microsoft product. It is more popular especially clicbank affiliate marketers. Bing is also keyword based advertising platform. Before promoting product you should set your keywords to your advertise.

Traffic Management

When you generate traffic into your platforms or web site you should collect emails or users data in order to advertise again with a free or less paid way. After subscribe period you are going to start campains and spare different categories of your audience. Then start another campains to lead more sale. By the time you should apply upsell and downsell when you start campains. All of these can be made automatically by chat bots on social media or funnels on email marketings.

Social Media Traffic Management

Responding all of your customers and make them happy within 5 minutes is so hard if you are not using chat bots. Social media platforms can allow chat bots at some rate. Then we are going to use chatbots to manage your social media traffic to lead more sale. Also we can divide our customers and start another campains in order to make upsell and downsell.

  • Zapier and advanced integrations
  • Manychat
  • Manybot or similar app for different platforms
  • Autoresponders
  • Coupon Share
  • Make More Revenue
  • Affiliate
  • Dropship
  • Amazon FBA

Email Marketing

Email marketing is more effective than any other marketings. Because people subscribe you only for buying products. If marketer find the right product to subscribers, it leads sale. We also need upsell and downsell to make more revenue. 

  • Advenced Integration
  • Automatic Traffic Management
  • Campains
  • Analysis
  • Make more revenue
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Dropshipping
  • Amazon FBA


Marketers use most of the tools in order to make huge jobs with a couple of clicks. In social media marketing and email marketing is important way to turn your visitors or subscribers into customers. That is not enough for marketing. SEO experts and being active on social platforms is important to generate traffic.  Softwares and tools are working like virtual assistants. The reality is generating right audience and applying marketing applications lead more sale.

  • More Sales
  • More Fast
  • Effective Communication
  • Satisfied Customers
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